Từ giờ tao cấm mày chơi điện thoại

thằng nhóc china 14 tuổi bị bố bắt làm việc nhà -> đã trốn tới đồn cảnh sát và trình báo bố "cưỡng bức lao động trẻ em bất hợp pháp"...
Chinese media recently reported the case of a 14-year-old boy who shocked police when he accused his father of “illegal child labor”, because he had been forced to do chores (việc nhà, việc vặt) around the house.

The bizarre incident (vụ việc kỳ lạ) allegedly (được cho là) took place this week in Ma’anshan, China’s Anhui province. Sick of seeing his son with his hands and eyes glued to his smartphone (suốt ngày dán mắt vào màn hình điện thoại), and ignoring his homework and studies (không chịu học hành), a parent decided to give the boy a taste of life’s hardships, and asked him to put down the handheld and do some housework. Angry with his father making him take a break from his phone, the reportedly smartphone-addicted (nghiện) teenager snuck out of the house when his father wasn’t paying attention and went straight to the police station. There, he proceeded to accuse his father of “illegal child labor”.

The officers on duty didn’t really understand what was going on when the 14-year-old boy made his accusation, so he accompanied the boy home to get a better understanding of the situation. When he told the boy’s father what his son had accused him of, the flabbergasted (lặng người vì sửng sốt, kinh ngạc) parent proceeded to explain what had happened...

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