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cựu Hoa hậu bang Connecticut năm 2011 Regina Turner bị chồng là bác sĩ Han Jo Kim tố cáo làm gái gọi suốt thời gian hai người chung sống...

Who is Regina Turner? All about former "Miss Connecticut," accused of being an escort (gái hạng sang) by her husband Dr Han Jo Kim amid divorce scandal

The 41-year-old filed for an annulment (bãi bỏ, hủy bỏ) last year after discovering his wife worked as a high-priced call girl before and after their 2015 wedding.

The millionaire (triệu phú) special surgeon works at the HSS Hospital and negotiated the divorce from his 32-year-old wife before a public court hearing scheduled in the morning. According to the divorce papers filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, Turner had allegedly received over $700,000 in cash from her clientele (khách hàng quen).

...The former beauty queen had revealed that she wished to pursue a career in dentistry, educate young children, and help those in need from third-world countries.

She described herself as "sweet, ambitious, and caring." The pageant winner was active on Facebook and went on the platform as "Regina Kim."

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