"Hầu quyền" hay "túy quyền" đây?

khỉ - ở ấn độ - vào quán, tự mở chai bia, nốc cạn -> say túy lúy...

A cheeky (xấc láo, hỗn xược) monkey in India proved that primates possess more human characteristics than some may realize after he entered a liquor store (quán rượu) and downed (nốc cạn) a bottle.

A NewsLions video of the boozed-up ape is currently blowing up on the web.

The uproarious (rất ồn ào, om sòm, náo động) one-minute clip recorded on Wednesday sees a mischievous (tinh nghịch) macaque (khỉ) sitting on the counter of a liquor store in the state of Madhya Pradesh, in central India, with a bottle of unidentified booze in hand.

The fun-sized wino adeptly unscrews the top using its teeth and hands, at which point the frustrated shop owner attempts to lure the freeloader away with a biscuit.

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Tags: india


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