"Like a monkey trying to hump a football" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Daniel Hansen on Unsplash.

"Like a monkey trying to hump a football" = như con khỉ cố mang quả bóng, hay 'like a monkey trying to have sex with a buffalo' = như con khỉ cố làm tình với con trâu -> nghĩa là rất vụng về, lóng ngóng.

Ví dụ
Rawson Thurber wrote the script (kịch bản) with homages to (tỏ lòng tôn kính, kính trọng) other sports movies and underdog events. The Average Joe uniforms are red and yellow like those of the Indiana high school in the 1986 film Hoosiers. Patches had an offensive line based on “It’s like watching a monkey trying to hump a football” — a quote from 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey coach Herb Brooks. The cheers of “Let them play” are supposedly in reference to (đề cập tới) a similar scene in the 1977 movie The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training. The list goes on.

Eldora belongs neither to the International Speedway Corporation, now owned officially by NASCAR, or Speedway Motorsports Inc., the two track owning entities that host the vast majority of Cup, Xfinity Series and truck races on the NASCAR schedule annually. Eldora is owned by Tony Stewart, a former NASCAR driver and in fact champion. You can even see the driver formerly known as Smoke in some circles out there on an ATV grooming the track pre-race though given his girth he often looks like a monkey trying to hump a football doing so.

A: Watching Michigan football is the worst feeling in my life right now :(. I skipped bow hunting for this bullshit. Good thing I have work to do in the garage.
B: Our tackling sucks donkey balls. Backup quarterbacks feast on Michigan like I feast on a thanksgiving turkey. Both teams are bad. “Looks like two monkeys trying to hump a football.”

Harvey Specter : Now I'm having even more fun because you hit like a monkey trying to have sex with a buffalo.
Mike Ross : What kind of nature films did you watch as a kid?

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