Ảo tưởng quy mô

không phải "càng to càng tốt",

(doanh nghiệp) ở mức quy mô hiệu quả là được rồi...

An illusion of scale

Successful small businesses (dnnvv thành công) often stumble (vấp, sẩy chân) when they seek to get to an

entirely different scale (quy mô).

It’s easy to believe that things are dramatically (đột ngột) better when there’s more.

More customers (khách hàng), more employees (nhân viên), more market share (thị phần).

And it’s easy to believe that getting to the next sustainable (bền vững) level is simply the result of efforts similar to the ones that got you here.

But neither is true.

Between this level and the one you seek there may be a slog that’s longer, more difficult and more expensive than it appears.

Staying at a scale that’s working isn’t a cowardly copout. It might be the single best way to do work that matters for people who care.

And if you choose to get through the Dip, consider whether you have the resources, the patience and the team to get to the other side.

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