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At the end of August, Ireland faces being invaded (xâm lược) by a swarm (bầy, đàn) of sexually aggressive, fist-sized spiders to really make your skin crawl.

And these aren't just any sex-crazed, fist-sized spiders. These ones can apparently go from zero to 60 in one second.

One second.

2020 just kept getting better and better, didn't it? And it is due for repeat this yesr 2021.

According to experts, these eight-legged freaks were on the prowl (đi lảng vảng, rình mò) for a mate (bạn tình), so the Irish wee being advised to "keep your eyes peeled as well as your wits about you".

The male house spider can grow to have a leg-span of up to 10cm in the mating season (August to September) and people in Ireland are being warned again this year 2021, to check their sheds, gardens and warm spots in the corners of their homes for the creatures.

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