"Rest assured" nghĩa là gì?

Đảm bảo học xong sẽ giàu!!! Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

"Rest assured" có assured là đảm bảo -> từ này nghĩa là đảm bảo, chắc chắn rằng điều gì sẽ xảy ra.

Ví dụ
Rest assured, Fangio's forthcoming paychecks won’t be as bulky (to lớn) when he slides back down the coaching ladder to his more customary coordinator role. That being said, there were no hard feelings at Sunday's press conference, when Broncos CEO Joe Ellis took the time to tell the wider reaches of the fan base that Paton would undoubtedly be calling the shots on who will replace Fangio.

So while I have serious questions about your gift-giving skills, whoever gave this to her should rest assured that she has not attempted to resell it on the Kardashian Kloset, nor did she give it away. Here it is, in this very bright room, hanging out with True and a cat.

Some of us may enjoy more home-cooked meals and not having to walk too far for a snack, but working close to the refrigerator poses a challenge to maintaining healthy eating habits. Rest assured, there are ways to minimize mindless (thiếu suy nghĩ) snacking and filling up on empty calories, even when you can't socially distance from your kitchen cabinet.

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