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luật china ko đề cập đến vấn đề chồng hiếp vợ, nên tòa án khó ra phán quyết...

The People’s Court of Ci County sentenced the man, surnamed Zhao, to eight months in prison after he was found guilty of having coercive (ép buộc, cưỡng ép) sex with his spouse (vợ), according to the case details released last week. The man raped his wife in April 2020, the same month when she filed for a divorce (đâm đơn ly dị), and the couple were living separately (sống ly thân).

Zhang Pei’e, the judge (quan tòa) who presided the case, said it was the first case involving marital rape in her career, according to the case details released by the court. In her verdict, she said that “Zhao’s behavior constitutes rape, as he violated the will (ý chí, nguyện vọng) of the woman.”

The rare case has made headlines on Chinese social media, with many supporting the court’s judgment...

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