Quyền của em, thưa sếp

theo luật của Bỉ, công chức nhà nước được quyền phớt lờ điện thoại, không nhấc máy nếu sếp gọi điện sau giờ làm việc :D

The movement (phong trào) is being called the 'Right to Disconnect (ngắt kết nối)' and will be introduced for civil workers from February 1 by the Minister of Civil Service Petra De Sutter.

A memo seen by Belgian newspaper De Morgen, states workers can only be 'contacted outside normal working hours in exception (ngoại lệ) and unforeseen circumstances (tình huống không lường trước) and where action is required that cannot wait until the next working period'.

It goes on to say employees should 'not be disadvantaged' if they choose not to respond to contact from their boss outside work hours.

The decision is aimed at allowing 'better focus, better recuperation and a more sustainable energy level'.

However, there are no clear penalties if the regulations are broken.

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