Người Nhện đích thực

người đàn ông ở Úc phát hiện con nhện to đùng trong xe và... giữ làm thú cưng suốt hơn một năm :)
Upon encountering a huge, hairy (nhiều lông) six-inch spider (nhện) chilling on their car dashboard (bảng đồng hồ, bảng điều khiển), the majority of people would understandably use their own two legs to get as far away as possible.

However, after making such a discovery back in February 2021, Australian man Chris Taylor did no such thing, instead choosing to take on 'Steve' as a pet.

The 42-year-old safety manager has now allowed Steve to live freely inside his car for a full year, during which time she's doubled in size.

Having now become quite attached to his eight-legged stowaway, Chris has no plans to show her the door anytime soon.

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