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The trough (máng ăn, vùng lõm) of inefficiency

Successful organizations of just one or two freelancers (cộng tác viên làm việc tự do) have very high revenue per employee (doanh thu trên đầu người), effective labor utilization (tận dụng nhân công) and few communications problems (vấn đề giao tiếp).

And significant organizations of a hundred or a thousand people also produce enormous amounts of revenue, profit and perhaps value.

In between, though, there’s a slog (thời gian làm việc vất vả).

That’s because a successful tiny organization that adds people creates communication problems. Instead of each person knowing what to do, they need to meet about it. They also require people to support their people–HR, policies, etc.

The trough is characterized by nascent (mới sinh, mới mọc) specialization, and if any specialist can’t deliver, the entire entity struggles, because there’s just one specialist for each category. Many mouths to feed, but fewer farmers per capita.

In that trough, many small businesses flounder (lúng túng, nhầm lẫn, loạng choạng).

They had the profit or the investment to grow, but they grew too much or didn’t grow enough. Either way, they’re caught in the trough.

The trick is to understand your industry well enough to know where the trough lies.

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