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Picture this: You’re in the middle of your last email of the day, and you feel something weird. Your butt starts…tingling (ngứa ran)? Nope. Your butt is, in fact, asleep. Take a deep breath—you’re far from alone. Referred to as gluteal (thuộc cơ mông) amnesia (chứng quên), dead butt syndrome, or "sleeping booty” (as San Diego-based trainer Caroline Jordan calls it), this gluteus nap is pretty darn common. So if you're wondering why your butt is falling asleep, injury prevention specialist and trainer Liz Letchford, PhD, ATC, is about to tell us why ants are crawling in your pants.
Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash.

Aside from the obvious culprit (thủ phạm) of spending too much time in your desk chair, Dr. Letchford says that there are three other major reasons why you may be experiencing gluteal amnesia. Ahead, she breaks down each one and offers her best tips for keeping your behind awake as 9 a.m. fades into noon then 4 p.m. Remember, though: If your butt sleeping troubles persist, it's a good idea to consult a specialist. A visit with a medical professional can help you determine whether you just need to listen to your wearable and stand up or you need more professional opinions for your booty and spine (xương sống).

1. Poor (prolonged) seated posture
2. Irritated sciatic (dây thần kinh hông (chạy từ khung chậu cho đến bắp vế)) nerves
3. Cluneal nerve neuralgia (chứng đau dây thần kinh)

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