Trung quốc cấm font chữ xấu

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The National Press and Publication Administration (cục) and the National Radio and Television Administration jointly launched a nationwide campaign (chiến dịch toàn quốc) on April 6 to regulate (điều chỉnh) the use of Chinese characters (chữ viết) in publications and on radio, TV, and the internet. The campaign aims to “rectify the problems of incorrect and non-standard use of Chinese characters,” according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency, and to eliminate “‘ugly’  (xấu) and ‘weird’ (kỳ cục) font products which contain vulgar (thô tục) and sloppy (luộm thuộm, tùy tiện) exaggerations (thổi phồng) and deformations (biến dạng) in fonts, or violate (vi phạm) the writing norms (chuẩn mực), cultural connotations (ý nghĩa văn hóa), and aesthetic (thẩm mỹ) standards of Chinese characters.”

The campaign targets fonts used in publications (xuất bản), packaging (đóng gói), and ads, as well as film and television program titles, subtitles, and credits. Companies are expected to build systems for self-regulation (tự kiểm duyệt), according to a notice announcing the campaign. “Whoever publishes, they’re responsible.”

The notice came one month after a minor political party proposed a ban on so-called jianghu fonts at China’s annual “Two Sessions” legislative meetings. Jianghu fonts use exaggerated strokes borrowed from calligraphy (thư pháp), annoying many orthodox calligraphers.

On Twitter-like platform Weibo, most users supported the move, saying the TikTok-like platform Douyin was littered (rơi vãi như rác) with typos, Japanese characters, pinyin abbreviations, and ugly fonts.

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