Trần Thị Thanh Hải của Thái Lan

phụ nữ 38 tuổi ở tỉnh Nakhon Pathom, Thái Lan... đốt kho xăng vì giận chủ :D
The worker, named as 38-year-old Ms Sirisini or Ann Sriya by police, has been accused of using a lighter to set fire to a piece of paper before throwing it on to a fuel container at the Prapakorn Oil warehouse in Thailand.

The fire, which caused more than 40 million Thai baht (about £900,000) worth of damage, quickly spread (lan) through the building, used to store thousands of litres of oil tanks.

Images shared on social media showed a fireball (quả cầu lửa) and thick black smoke (khói đen kịt) billowing (cuộn lên) into the air above the single-storey warehouse in Nakhon Pathom province.

CCTV footage, allegedly of Ms Sriya, shows a person walking into a warehouse with a piece of paper in their hand before disappearing behind a row of containers on a shelving unit.

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