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ở hạt Polk, bang California, Mỹ, cô giáo nói "chỉ liếm thôi" khi bị buộc tội cắn học sinh vì giành giật lọ dưa muối... :D

The teacher, Rhonda Rice, told school administrators she was “playing around with students,”

...Toro’s 15-year old nephew is a student at Bartow Middle School. She said in October, he and another student were working at the school store when Rice tried to take a jar of pickles.

Her nephew and another student tried to take the jar back.

“She just bit them on the forearm (cánh tay) and, of course, they released and she was able to get the pickles but there’s other ways to do that,” said Toro.

The students reported the behavior to school administrators, who contacted Toro.

Toro went to Bartow police to press charges in November. According to an affidavit (lời khai) filed by Bartow police, Rice admitted to licking (liếm) the students.

...Bartow police and the state attorney’s office have filed two misdemeanor battery charges against Rice. She is set to be arraigned (buộc tội, tố cáo, thưa kiện; công khai chỉ trích) on March 31.

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