Đéo mẹ, bọn tao biết từ lâu rồi

"chửi như hát hay" có tác dụng phê, giảm đau đầu tương tự như uống thuốc, nghiên cứu mới cho hay :D
FORGET popping a paracetamol — swearing like a trooper (mở miệng ra là chửi, luôn mồm) will ease your pain, a study shows.

Effing and blinding, especially shouting s**t and f***, is so effective (rất hiệu quả), researchers say it should be encouraged during medical treatments.

Letting rip is thought to help by distracting us and making us less uptight (bồn chồn, căng thẳng, lo lắng).

It may also trigger the body’s natural fight or flight response to stress, which, in turn, dampens pain.

Dr Richard Stephens, senior lecturer in psychology at Keele University, Staffs, said: “Swearing is drug-free, calorie-free, cost-free, and side effects-free, so why not try it?”

In tests, people who swore when their hand was put in a bucket of ice-cold water withstood the agony (cơn đau) for 40 seconds longer.

The S-word and F-word were used by many of the subjects to good effect.

The study concluded: “If words are the most powerful drug used by mankind, then the physical therapy profession should embrace swearing to change the way our patients think, feel and perform.

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