Mạng xã hội - vũ khí chống giặc xâm lược Nga

người dân Ukraine dùng mạng xã hội để "trường kỳ kháng chiến"...
A peace activist (nhà hoạt động vì hòa bình) in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv rolled 109 baby strollers (xe đẩy trẻ em) into a square (quảng trường) last week to represent the children who had been killed in the war with Russia. Hours later, the image was available to millions on their phones.

A little girl sheltering in a basement (trú ẩn trong tầng hầm) in Kyiv sang a haunting rendition of “Let it Go,” from the movie “Frozen,” and the clip sped around the world. A cellist performed a somber (u sầu) Bach suite on a street in Kharkiv, with debris (gạch đổ nát) and the windowless facade (mặt tiền) of a damaged building serving as his backdrop, and thousands watched.

These heart-wrenching (quặn đau) glimpses (cái nhìn thoáng qua) of life in Ukraine since the Russian invasion have become powerful ammunition (vũ khí) in an information war playing out on social media. For some, the messaging has become a crucial battleground (chiến trường) complementing the Ukrainian military’s performance on the physical front lines, as images and information ripple out on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and TikTok.

“We are experiencing the war very viscerally (không dựa trên lý trí, theo bản năng) through social media feeds,” said Emerson Brooking, a resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based international-affairs think tank. “The transformation of Ukraine into a nation at war is just stark. And so it has especially resonated with Western audiences.”

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