Cười như lên đồng... hồ

các đồng hồ quảng cáo toàn để kim 10h10',

không phải để lộ thương hiệu, như Rolex hay Cartier đâu,

mà là trông giống mặt cười khiến khách hàng có xu hướng mua hơn :D
A simple explanation (giải thích đơn giản) is that this setting keeps the hands (kim đồng hồ) out of the way of the watch's brand (thương hiệu), so 'Rolex' or 'Cartier' can be placed front and center, but other time settings also accomplish this aim. A different explanation might prompt surprise (ngạc nhiên) and understandable (dễ hiểu) skepticism (hoài nghi): 10:10 sells more watches because the arrangement of the hands subtly (tinh vi, tinh tế, không dễ phát hiện) resembles a smile (nụ cười), thus leaving onlookers in a better mood.

An international team of researchers explored the latter theory (lý thuyết) in 2017, publishing their results in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. They recruited 46 participants to look at sixty pictures of various watches with their times either set at 10:10, 11:30, or 8:20, asking participants to rate both their emotional (cảm xúc) response to seeing each picture as well as their likelihood to buy each watch. Subjects rated watches set at 10:10 as slightly more pleasurable compared to watches set to the other times. They also said they would be slightly more likely to buy them.

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