Đến Đồ Sơn cũng được giang tay chào đón nhé

một câu lạc bộ vũ nữ khỏa thân ở Las Vegas ủng hộ người dân Ukraine bằng cách... tuyển dụng các em gái ở nước này... :D
The venue Little Darlings recently posted an ad on their club’s signage that declares: “Now Auditioning Ukrainian Strippers.”

The ad also includes a Ukrainian flag and the words “We Stand With Ukraine” written underneath.

The club’s manager, Pete Dottore, told FOX5 they already hired one Ukrainian dancer who noticed the sign.

When asked if the ad was inappropriate, Dotorre insisted: “We’re standing by them, it’s not [anything] derogatory towards them.”

He added: “We feel like if we can help out in any way that’s the best way we can do it is maybe help put someone to work.”.

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