Thối không chịu được

một người đàn ông hóa trang như phân và thả bom thối tại cuộc họp hội đồng nhân dân thành phố, nói rằng họ đã ban hành một "dự luật như phân"...

On May 2nd, Phil Ateto put on quite a show, telling city council members in Anne Arundel County that they were “upholding white supremacy” (thượng tôn da trắng) by passing a bill which established a police accountability board. He was angry that they didn’t include the already existing Anne Arundel County Coalition for Police Accountability. Therefore, Ateto said it gives “the illusion of transparency, but with no actual accountability.”

He goes on to say, “You got it passed with the labor and discomfort that comes with passing a giant turd, and then thought you could flush it and move on.”

Following Ateto’s colorful comments, council members noticed a bad smell in the room. Officers were asked to investigate as the meeting takes a recess (giờ nghỉ).

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