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giáo hoàng Francis nói chính NATO "sủa trước cửa" nước Nga, nên Putin phải hành động...

"An anger (cơn tức giận) that I don’t know if you can say was provoked (khiêu khích, chọc tức), but maybe facilitated," the Pope told the Italian Corriere della Sera newspaper.

Francis also condemned the weapons industry (ngành công nghiệp vũ khí) and said the "arms trade (buôn bán vũ khí) is a scandal" that "few oppose."

"I can't answer, I'm too far away, to the question of whether it is right to supply the Ukrainians," Francis said. "There are international interests in every bit. One cannot think that a free state can wage war on another free state. In Ukraine it was the others who created the conflict (xung đột)."

The Pope has so far declined to condemn (lên án) Putin, though he has called for an end to the war and said this week that he wants to go to Moscow.

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