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thiết lập nơi trú ẩn mà dân tị nạn ukraine có thể ở, 12 ngôn ngữ...; phiên bản thu nhỏ của airbnb...
On March 3 — three days and only five hours of sleep later — they launched Ukraine Take Shelter, a site in 12 languages where Ukrainian refugees (dân tị nạn) fleeing war (chạy trốn chiến tranh) can immediately (ngay lập tức) find hosts with spare rooms, unused resort condos, mother-in-law apartments and school dormitories…

“What we’ve done is put out a super fast, stripped-down version of Airbnb,” he said.

That is a project by Avi Schiffman and Marco Burstein of Harvard, still both teenagers. We are very happy to have Avi as a former EV winner for his Covid work and now to be supporting this project. Here is the full story.

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