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loài châu chấu ở Úc từ bỏ sex 250.000 năm trước, và chẳng làm sao cả... :)
Most animals on Earth have two sexes, male and female, that combine and mix their genes when they reproduce. We are so accustomed to this state of affairs that the existence of all-female species that don’t have sex, but instead reproduce by cloning (nhân bản), comes as a great surprise.

The beautiful green grasshopper Warramaba virgo is one of these rare “parthenogenetic” species, in which an egg can develop into an embryo (bào thai) without being fertilised by a sperm (tinh trùng). It lives in the southern parts of the Australian arid zone, where it feeds on mulga trees and other shrubs and bushes in the summertime.

...Our new research published in Science shows W. virgo arose about 250,000 years ago from a cross between two different sexually reproducing species of grasshopper, and giving up sex appears to have had no negative repercussions (tác động trở lại, ảnh hưởng, hậu quả) for them whatsoever.

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