Top 9 sản phẩm thuốc diệt gián hiệu quả nhất hiện nay

phải là sản phẩm thế hệ mới, không chứa đường trong công thức nữa nhé,

qua hàng thập kỷ dùng thuốc diệt gián có đường, loài gián đã tiến hóa và không ưa đường nữa rồi

gián có 2 dương vật? có thể làm tình tới 90 phút...

If everything goes smoothly, a roach’s romp (trò nô đùa) can last around 90 minutes. But increasingly, cockroach coitus (giao cấu) is going really, weirdly wrong, and is contributing to roach populations in some places that are more difficult (khó) to vanquish (chế ngự, khắc phục) with conventional pesticides (thuốc diệt côn trùng truyền thống).

Back in 1993, scientists working at North Carolina State University discovered a trait (đặc tính) in the German cockroach, a species that inhabits every continent except Antarctica. Specifically, these new cockroaches seemed to have no affection for a form of sugar called glucose, which was strange because — as anyone who has ever battled against a cockroach infestation (sự tràn vào quấy phá/phá hoại) knows — cockroaches normally cannot get enough of the sweet stuff.

So, where did these new, health-conscious cockroaches come from?

It seems we created them by accident, after decades of trying to kill their ancestors (tổ tiên) with sweet powders and liquids laced with poison (chất độc). The cockroaches that craved sweets ate the poison and died, while cockroaches less keen on glucose avoided the death traps and survived long enough to breed, thus passing that trait down to the next cockroach generation (thế hệ).

...The good news for consumers is that pesticide manufacturers (nhà sản xuất) share Dr. Wada-Katsumata and Dr. Schal’s enthusiasm for understanding cockroach evolution (tiến hóa), and they are actively changing their cockroach-killing formulations to move away from glucose.

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