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tư duy cục bộ ấy...
trích dẫn hôm nay… is from page 228 of my colleague Peter Boettke’s 2017 paper “Rebuilding the Liberal Project,” as this paper appears in Pete’s 2021 book, The Struggle for a Better World (typo corrected):

Parochialism (chủ nghĩa địa phương, tính chất địa phương hẹp hòi, tư duy cục bộ) kills progress by forcing attention in-group, rather than allowing, let alone enabling, individuals in their quest to seek new ways to learn and benefit from others. Turning inward means turning away from pursuing productive specialisation (chuyên môn hóa) and peaceful social cooperation (hợp tác xã hội) in the global marketplace (thị trường toàn bộ).

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