Một lốc là thay bình cứu hỏa rồi

từng được coi là 'hermes của kem', kem china không chảy dù... đốt bằng đèn hàn... :D
A Chinese brand once dubbed the "Hermes of ice cream (kem)" has come under fire after internet users said some of its products do not melt (tan chảy) -- even when baked with a blowtorch (đèn hàn).

Videos showing Chicecream's ice creams staying solid when lighters (bật lửa) were held to them went viral, revealing they did not fully melt when left in a 31 degree Celsius (88 degree Fahrenheit) room for an hour or under a very hot flame.

The footage sparked consternation (thất kinh, khiếp đảm, sửng sốt) online, prompting users to question the company's high prices (giá cao) and whether the products were overloaded with additives (chất phụ gia). The most expensive offering of Chicecream -- called "Zhong Xue Gao" in Chinese -- costs 66 yuan

The company said that its products were in line with national food safety regulations (quy định về an toàn thực phẩm quốc gia).

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