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Pingles đang làm đơn xin đặt lại tên loài nhện là nhện Pringles vì nó... trông giống logo nổi tiếng của hãng...👏
In spider branding news (is that a thing?), Pringles is petitioning (làm đơn xin) the scientific community (cộng đồng khoa học) to rename a spider the Pringles Spider because it looks like their famous logo. And to their credit, it really does. The kidney garden spider is so named because of the kidney bean-shaped patch on its back that some would say is actually moustache-shaped. And it likes to hang out in gardens. The beady eye to moustache thickness ratio is uncannily similar to the Pringles logo, who is apparently named Mr. P.

The spiders live in South and East Asia. And don’t let the scale (tỷ lệ) on the promotional (quảng cáo) materials scare you, the spider itself is relatively small. Females are only about one quarter of an inch long and males are roughly half that size. Scientists originally described the species in 1886. It seems like there were even more people with moustaches (ria mép) back then, so it surprises me that spider scientists didn’t think of naming it after that feature in the first place.

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