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một nhà khoa học công nghệ đẩy tiên tiến ở phòng thí nghiệm hàng đầu của không lực đã gặp và... yêu một em gái điếm, đưa được em ấy vào làm, em này cũng yêu chàng (vẫn tính 400 usd/giờ, = tiền nghiên cứu/tiền của chính phủ), và cũng... cung cấp dịch vụ cho các nhà khoa học khác của viện luôn, có người trả 20.000 usd/năm để em này... khỏa thân lau nhà và xxx bằng miệng :)
according to a newly unsealed search warrant (lệnh bắt) application obtained by The Daily Beast, which accuses Dr. James Gord, a highly decorated (nhiều huy chương) civilian Air Force employee, of installing the 32-year-old sex worker on a highly technical research project even though she did not have a college degree (bằng đại học) or any expertise (kinh nghiệm) in the field (lĩnh vực).

The woman “did not fully understand how to use basic word processing…software (phần mềm xử lý văn bản),” and “struggled to formulate coherent interoffice emails,” In 2019, Gord tapped the woman to co-chair a scientific panel for unsuspecting photonics researchers designing turbine engines, detonation (nổ) engines, scramjets, and rockets.

...Gord first came to the attention of Air Force investigators in March 2019, after the CEO and chief research scientist of a company that provided the Air Force Research Lab in Ohio with laser imaging for turbine engines reached out with a raft of highly troubling allegations.

...In 2017, Gord, whose research the Air Force says “has produced myriad fundamental technology breakthroughs in burst-mode laser measurement systems that enable scientists and engineers to better understand the performance of real-world air breathing and rocket engines,” lost his father to suicide (tự sát) and “experienced extreme depression (trầm cảm) as a result,”

...Roy then confronted Gord, who came clean (khai thật) and disclosed (tiết lộ) that she was “a prostitute (điếm) he met in Cincinnati,” Gord allegedly told Roy that he kept an Excel spreadsheet on his government-issued laptop with the names and details of various sex workers (lao động tình dục) around the country he saw while on official trips for the Air Force. He didn’t want his wife or kids to know about his “relationships with these women,” and took out cash advances against his government travel card “so that the family finances were not visibly affected,”

Yet, Gord, who allegedly told Roy he paid the woman $400 an hour for her services, claimed to be in love with her and said she felt the same about him. Still, the woman “engaged in acts of prostitution” around Wright-Patterson with other scientists from the Air Force Research Laboratory. One, identified in the filing only as “Dr. I.K.,” paid the woman “approximately $20K a year to clean his residence in the nude and then perform oral sex on him,”

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