Đâu ai phấn đấu được mãi

mạng taobao của china cấm bán áo có hình "mèo lười", nói rằng vi phạm trật tự và đạo đức công cộng, trái với kỳ vọng xã hội và văn hóa làm việc...
Does this cat look subversive (có tính chất lật đổ; có tính chất phá vỡ) to you? It does to Chinese major e-commerce platform Taobao, who banned products featuring the image from sale for promoting the “lying flat” and “let it rot” ideas used by young people revolting against an oppressive (đàn áp, áp bức, ngột ngạt, đè nặng) work culture and social expectations (kỳ vọng xã hội).

RHR Shanghai Adoption Home, a private animal shelter, said on Wednesday that its lying flat-themed merchandise was removed from virtual shelves by Taobao earlier that day. A screenshotted message from the platform posted by the organization said the products violated “public order and morality” and multiple platform rules, asking the shelter to stop selling “shirts with content related to lying flat.”

The removed products — including canvas bags, key chains, and T-shirts — feature two original cat characters inspired by abandoned cats helped by the organization. One cat is seen sinking into a yellow lazy sofa holding a drumstick, while the other lies on a couch with a gaming machine in its claws. All goods in the series highlight the Chinese characters tang ping, or lying flat, and bai lan, or let it rot.

...“We regard ‘lying flat’ as positive. No one can strive all the time … (We can) rest well before starting off, and adjust ourselves well before fighting,” wrote the shelter.

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