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các nhà khảo cổ học tìm ra bằng chứng người Maya lấy tro hài cốt của vua để làm bóng chơi pelota...
Archaeologists (nhà khảo cổ học) studying the ruins of a Maya Sun Temple at the Toniná archaeological site in southern Mexico recently discovered 400 urns (bình đựng di cốt, bình đựng tro hoả táng) filled with a combination of human ashes, coal, rubber, and plant roots in an underground crypt (hầm mộ) beneath the temple (nhà thờ).

The discovery has led to a theory (lý thuyết) that adds a fascinating (hấp dẫn, lôi cuốn, quyến rũ) twist (sự thay đổi, sự phát triển) to our understanding of the culture’s burial rites: Important Maya rulers may have been incinerated and had their ashes turned into rubber balls for sport.

As the BBC reported, archaeologist Juan Yadeun Angulo came up with this theory after reviewing stone carvings at key locations throughout a sunken ball court — one of the constructions still preserved to this day.

The court would have been used to play the game of pelota, a team sport played in Mesoamerica thousands of years ago.

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