Chắc một nơi đó là Hoa Thanh Táo

theo một nghiên cứu tiến sĩ, bốn nền văn minh hiểm độc ngoài trái đất đang... sống trong giải ngân hà...

But what if they weren't the ET-amiable (tử tế, tốt bụng; nhã nhặn, hòa nhã) type and more the blow-us-up Independence Day kind?

One PhD student in Spain has considered such scenario (kịch bản) and calculated that approximately four "malicious (hiểm độc, có ác tâm; có hiềm thù, cố tình làm hại) extra-terrestrial civilisations” could be living in our very own Milky Way right now.

However, Alberto Caballero's paper called Estimating the Prevalence of Malicious Extraterrestrial Civilizations - which has not been peer reviewed - concluded that the chance of an evil alien race invading Earth is "very low" and that we are more likely to be killed off by a giant asteroid (hành tinh nhỏ).

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