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Christie Louise Jones, 49, has been charged with arson (tội phóng hỏa) and assault (tấn công) with a deadly weapon (vũ khí chết người) after allegedly causing $20,000 worth of damage to the home in Gold Hill, North Carolina on Friday. Armed with a rifle (súng trường), the homeowner emerged from the property in the early morning after a neighbor noticed flames on his front porch (cổng, hiên, hè). He saw a woman standing beside a car mumble something before getting in and driving away, according to a report by Rowan County sheriff’s investigators (điều tra viên). Jones was charged with assault after allegedly brushing the victim (nạn nhân) with the car. The homeowner also found that their garden hose had been blocked off with sealant (chất bịt kín) in an apparent bid to sabotage (phá hoại ngầm) any attempt (nỗ lực) to put out the flames (dập tắt ngọn lửa), and that bits of wood had been set on fire next to a propane tank at the property. Jones was also charged with larceny (ăn cắp) after being spotted holding one of the victim’s leashed dogs, authorities said.

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