Vũ điệu đồng quê

em gái florida nhảy điệu nhảy irish dance khi bị cảnh sát yêu cầu đi thẳng để kiểm tra nồng độ rượu... :D

Amy Harrington, 38, of Madeira Beach, rear-ended another vehicle about a mile from her home on April 27, cops told WFLA. When Pinellas County deputies arrived, officers said her eyes were bloodshot (đỏ ngầu) and watery.

Harrington tried to walk a straight line during a sobriety test along a parking space marker when she gave up and started dancing, the video, which emerged Saturday, showed.

She “struggled to follow instructions, and was unsteady on her feet almost falling,”.

Harrington, clad in a black skirt and white top, danced wildly in the footage, before she was asked to walk the line.

“Do you want to pay attention so I can give you the instructions?” a deputy administering the test asked.

“Yeah, well, you sound like my ballet coach, so, sounds about right,” Harrington answered before busting a move.

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