Điên lắm rồi đấy

một người dân treo 2 túi cứt chó và lời nhắn lên cửa vì... chó cứ ỉa ở vườn của họ mà chủ chó không nhặt...

A photograph shows the note alongside a couple of filled dog poop bags taped to a wall. The person who penned the message informed the dog owner that they would be placing cameras in the area and threatened them with the prospect (khả năng, triển vọng) of a £1,000 fine (tiền phạt).

The handwritten note reads: “To whom this may concern, this is your dog shit. I have a dog of my own and I use dog bags, pick it up and take it home. Cameras are going up. It is £1,000 fine.

"Also if I find out where you live I will post it through your letterbox. Stop your dog shitting in my flower beds.”

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