"Pass the vibe check" nghĩa là gì?

"Pass the vibe check" = vượt qua bài kiểm tra thần thái -> nghĩa là thấu hiểu, đồng cảm, đồng quan điểm với người khác; 'cùng tần số', 'tâm đầu ý hợp'.

Ví dụ
Many fans don’t approve of Joe’s posts. “Normally, I like to be forgiving to family members because they didn’t sign up for the show and it’s probably really intimidating (đáng sợ), but this man does NOT pass the vibe check and I feel really bad for Tino,” a Reddit user wrote.

We can always count on Lizzo to pass the vibe check. The About Damn Time singer won an Emmy for her Prime series Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. In true Lizzo fashion, she called out for her fellow big girls to join her on stage as the award was as much theirs as hers. 

When looking back at classic western movies, most lists would put The Searchers near the top of every list of the best in its genre. However, the John Wayne movie is highly problematic and would in no way pass the vibe check in today's world.

To help you better understand the new generation of TikTok slang, the language experts at Preply have delved into the meaning behind them, so you can be up to speed with all the GenZ lingo, and hopefully pass the vibe check.

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