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thủ tướng đức bị kẹp bởi hai phụ nữ ngực trần, phản đối nhập khẩu gas từ nga... :)
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz found himself suddenly flanked (đe dọa/tấn công bên sườn) by topless (ngực trần) women during a press event (sự kiện báo chí), as part of a protest calling for an embargo on Germany's import of Russian gas during the war in Ukraine.

The two women, who had "gas embargo (cấm vận) now" daubed (trát lên, phết lên) across their chests, approached the chancellor (thủ tướng) during an open-door day event in the garden of his office in Berlin on Sunday and took off their tops while standing on either side of Scholz.

At the time, Scholz had been present for a photo opportunity with visitors to the Chancellery.

A dpa photographer at the scene reported that security guards immediately intervened and led the two women away. Scholz remained at the same spot and continued the photo event with other visitors.

Although Germany has issued wide-ranging sanctions (trừng phạt) on Moscow, it remains reliant on Russian gas for power and lawmakers have resisted calls to cut its supply over fears of a dire economic fallout.

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