Nhà tôi tôi đập mà cũng không được sao?

tỷ phú đập nhà hầu như còn mới, xây được 6 năm, trị giá 110 triệu đô la và... người dân địa phương bất bình... :D
Even in Palm Beach, the billionaires’ hideaway (nơi ẩn náu; nơi trốn tránh) in southeast Florida, 1071 North Ocean Blvd. stands out as a monument to excess. At more than 35,000 square feet, the mansion was designed to feature 16 bathrooms, a gym, barber shop, theater, and library. Last year, the property reportedly sold to an entity tied to William Lauder, a billionaire heir to the Estée Lauder makeup fortune, for an astonishing $110 million. But the palatial estate is apparently not up to his family’s standards. On Wednesday, the town approved a plan to tear down (tháo dỡ) the home—built just six years ago—to the dirt.

The decision has agitated some locals. “I just have a really weird feeling (cảm giác kỳ lạ) in my stomach about it. I think it’s about the complete waste,” one prominent resident told The Daily Beast, speaking on the condition of anonymity so as not to rankle an ultra-rich neighbor. “I mean normal people don’t do that. It’s kind of gross.”

Another resident, third-generation Palm Beacher K.T. Catlin, described herself as “pro-development and redevelopment.” But even in her mind, she said, the trend of “constantly tearing down to just build bigger, I question that.”

Known to some locals as “The Castle,” the estate was completed in 2016, and it riled (chọc tức, quấy rầy; làm nổi giận) up members of the community (cộng đồng) from the outset. Of particular concern, the Palm Beach Daily News previously noted, was the immense size and the way it ate up a huge percentage of its 2-acre lot.

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