Ai còn nói Nga ngố?

người đàn ông tự nhận là phi hành gia nga lừa phụ nữ nhật bản 4,4 triệu yên (30 ngàn đô la) để anh ta có thể... quay về trái đất và cưới bà... :)

The man found the 65-year-old unnamed victim on Instagram in June. On his profile, he uploaded random photos of space (không gian) and said he worked at the International Space Station, where astronauts have limited access (tiếp cận hạn chế) to cell service (dịch vụ điện thoại di động).

Their relationship (mối quan hệ) quickly escalated (leo thang). On LINE, a Japanese messaging app, he repeatedly said he loved her and proposed marriage. He sent her messages like “I want to start my life in Japan” and “Saying this 1,000 times won’t be enough, but I’ll keep saying it. I love you,”

But to actually tie the knot (kết hôn), he said, he needed money to return to Earth. There were landing fees to pay once in Japan and the cost of a rocket (tên lửa) to actually fly to the country, he said.

Believing this man would be her future fiancé (hôn thê), the woman paid him about 4.4 million yen (about $30,000) in five installments (trả tiền thành năm lần), from August 19 to September 5,

But when his demands continued, the woman grew suspicious (nghi ngờ) of his intent and reported him to the police, who are investigating the case as a romance scam

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