Lan đột biến

có mùi như 'mùi chuột chết' :D

Visitors will know they are close to the orchid bulbophyllum phalaenopsis when they start to smell the "delicate aroma of rotting cabbages (củ cải thối)", the garden's Facebook page says.

"The odour has also been described as smelling like dead rats (chuột chết) decomposing (phân hủy) next to rotting fish.

"To the carrion (xác chết đã thối, cái thối tha, vật nhơ bẩn/kinh tởm) flies and beetles that pollinate (thụ phấn) it in the wild, it smells amazing."

The orchid was collected from Papua New Guinea and is rarely seen flowering outside its natural habitat.

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