"And your point is?" nghĩa là gì?

"And your point is?" -> câu dùng để giục người nói đi vào nội dung chính, không vòng vo nữa; 'ý của bạn là gì'.

Ví dụ
And your point is? Is there no such thing as a stairlift? Can people with disabilities (khuyết tật) not live in flats? Do the residents in Gardner Street have fraudulent blue badges – of course not.

Okay, and your point is…? I would rather be cozy (ấm cúng) basking in the sun in a park or on the beach instead of having numb toes and feeling like my entire body is being stabbed by a thousand tiny knives whenever I am outside.

And your point is? I think Franco will do a great job at portraying (miêu tả sinh động) Castro and that is the bottom line. He shouldn’t be dismissed because he is “Caucasian”

Yeah, and your point is? Part of the charm. No harm done. But he wasn’t done. New Orleans “has the worst food ever,” he further tweeteth. Whoa. Now them’s fighting words. Are you sure it was New Orleans you were in?

Ngọc Lân

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