"At early doors" nghĩa là gì?

"At early doors" -> nghĩa là giai đoạn đầu.

Ví dụ
A little more than one in ten (11%) of our UK clients are backing (giúp đỡ) England to win, and although most believe they’ll come up Qatar heroes having lifted the trophy, the second most lightly scenario, according to our findings at least, is for England to flop (thất bại) at early doors and drop out in the Group Stage of the tournament.

Since it launched in 2016, ANTS has always looked after the local workforce (nhân lực). Eight years later, that loyalty is rewarded. You can guarantee a strong workers turnout every Saturday - even at early doors.

H4Z4RD is a film of ever-increasing high-stakes. Even at early doors there’s tension when it seems that Noah will be late to collect his girlfriend and daughter. He is stuck in traffic congestion (tắc nghẽn) and has only five minutes to reach his destination. 

Marlon Dingle and his partner Rhona Goskirk have a long few months ahead of them following the chef's stroke but in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, it seems their relationship is going to struggle at early doors.

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