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"ông hoàng playboy" Indonesia chuẩn bị đám cưới lần thứ... 88 :D
If one marriage (hôn nhân) is a struggle (cuộc vật lộn, nỗi vất vả) to see through from the altar (bàn thờ) to the graveyard (nghĩa địa), we’ve got an ambitious (tham vọng) man in the house. Kaan, a 61-year-old farmer from Indonesia, introduces a new marital streak after gaining his title as the country’s “Playboy King.” His latest plans involved getting married for the 88th time in his life.

The rice farmer (nông dân trồng lúa) has been married 87 times to 46 different women and he has no plans to stop the count. His current bride-to-be is not a new woman in his life since he was already married to her the past for four months. The couple decided to give it another go to patch things up for a lifetime of happiness.

Long-term commitment (cam kết dài hạn) is a hopeful goal but his romantic history (lịch sử lãng mạn) doesn’t set up a promising future. His longest marriage lasted approximately 14 years.

Kaan first got married at the age of fourteen to a teen two years older than him. The young love story lasted two years but he never gave up his hope of finding the one.

For those wondering why dating isn’t an option for the playboy, the idea of casually dating women goes against his morals and values. He cherishes (tôn thờ) the women and respects (tôn trọng) them enough to see them as more than passing flings. He’d rather keep rotating (xoay vòng) wives than a casual dating pool.

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