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vua Charles luôn di chuyển với toilet riêng... :D

The king is known to have an outrageous (tàn bạo, vô nhân đạo; quá chừng, thái quá) list of demands (danh sách nhu cầu), but it was recently revealed that he “doesn’t like square ice cubes” and, like any 5-year-old boy, Charles “travels with a childhood teddy bear (gấu bông thời thơ ấu).”

Christopher Andersen, the author of “The King: The Life of Charles III,” said that the beloved bear has been by Charles’ side since he was a “very small child.” It was even guarded by one of Charles’ most trusted valets (người hầu), Michael Fawcett, who was in charge of caring for the beloved bear well into the king’s adulthood, Andersen told “Entertainment Tonight.”

Whenever the toy needed mending, a designated (được chỉ định) nanny (vú em) made the necessary repairs, the writer added.

...While inviting Charles over may come with the possibility that your property will be demolished (phá hủy, đánh đổ) in a tantrum (cơn giận, cơn cáu kỉnh, cơn thịnh nộ (nhất là của một em bé)), the royal is sure to bring his own property as well, including a porcelain (gốm, sứ) throne fit for a king.

The royal is rumored to travel with a custom-made toilet seat, his favorite toilet paper, ice trays and personal chef. “When he goes to dinner parties at other people’s homes he often brings his own chef, so they can prepare a meal for him that he’ll eat separately at the table,” Andresen writes.

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