"Of biblical proportions" nghĩa là gì?

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"Of biblical proportions" = thuộc quy mô kinh thánh -> nghĩa là rất to lớn, có tầm quan trọng, thường theo hướng tiêu cực. 

Ví dụ
Locals (người bản xứ) in Eugowra are calling it a tsunami (cơn sóng thần), a “tidal wave of biblical proportions” that came as a “terrifying” wall of water from beyond the hills and obliterated (phá hủy) the New South Wales town.

COP27 took place not far from Mount Sinai, a site that is central to many faiths and to the story of Moses, or Musa. It’s fitting. Climate chaos is a crisis of biblical proportions.  The signs are everywhere.  Instead of a burning bush (bụi rậm), we face a burning planet.   

So, what changed? Obviously, the midterms ushered (báo hiệu) in a vibe shift of biblical proportions on the right. The data couldn’t be more clear: Overly Trump-aligned candidates, especially election deniers (người phủ nhận) and other Trump sycophants (kẻ bợ đít), were a drag on the GOP.

Second, a diversity (đa dạng) of age allows the team to be cognitively diverse. The biggest issues of today will need innovative solutions of biblical proportions. Young people often have a different lens (thấu kính) through which they see the world.

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