Không được đánh phụ nữ, dù chỉ bằng cành hoa

người đàn ông florida giận dữ ra khỏi phòng khách sạn, ném... dương vật giả vào bạn gái...
During an argument (tranh cãi) early Thanksgiving morning, a Florida Man threw a sex toy at his girlfriend, leaving the woman with a bruise (thâm tím) on her torso (mình), according to cops who noted that they did not confiscate (tịch thu) the weapon (vũ khí) used in the alleged domestic battery.

...According to an arrest affidavit (lời khai), Pacitto was packing his suitcase to leave the room when he “began throwing the victim’s items” out of the luggage. “During the process,” the woman told police, Pacitto (seen at right) “hit her with a sex toy on her torso, leaving a bruise.”

When questioned by cops, Pacitto reportedly “admitted to throwing items but does not recall exactly what items.” The sex toy in question is not further described in the court affidavit.

The 6’ 2”, 300-pound Pacitto--who cops say was under the influence of alcohol--was arrested for domestic battery (bạo hành gia đình). He bonded out of jail Friday after posting $1000 bond in the misdemeanor (tội nhẹ, khinh tội) case. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with the victim (nạn nhân).

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