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ngày Noel phải ở trong tù vì đánh bạn gái bằng 'tượng thiên thần' trang trí cây thông...

Investigators (nhà điều tra) allege (cáo buộc) that Frankie Caldwell, 55, battered (đánh đập) the victim (nạn nhân) around 7 AM with the “fragile” Christmas ornament, “causing it to shatter into pieces.” The 53-year-old woman is described in court filings as Caldwell’s “on-again-off-again girlfriend of nine years.”

When police arrived at the pair’s Clearwater apartment, the victim “described pieces of the figurine falling down the back of her dress.”

After being read his rights, Caldwell denied attacking the victim, claiming instead that she had hit him with the angel figurine. Cops noted that Caldwell, who is bald, “showed no injuries on his head,” while “the scene was consistent with the victim’s account of events.”

Pictured above, Caldwell was arrested on a pair of felony battery counts and booked into the county jail, where he remains locked up in lieu of $7500 bond. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with the victim.

Caldwell’s rap sheet includes felony battery convictions in 1991 and 2016. He was arrested in 2017 for allegedly elbowing his pregnant (mang thai) girlfriend in the mouth during an argument in their Clearwater home.

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