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nghiên cứu mới xác nhận vợ thấy chồng hấp dẫn hơn khi giúp việc nhà...
For the past decade or so, there have been calendars (lịch) and greeting cards (thiệp mừng) floating (chào mời) around that feature sexy, shirtless men doing household chores (việc nhà) like vacuuming or washing dishes. The idea is that the men taking part in simple domestic acts will turn women on more than their six packs. Sexual attraction is directly tied to housework—and that may be for a good reason.

While these images may reinforce (củng cố) unhealthy (không lành mạnh) gender stereotypes, there is some truth to the notion that men doing chores is sexually appealing. According to a new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, women feel less sexual desire toward their husbands when the men don't do their fair share of household labor. This gender role causes females to view their husbands as dependent and, therefore, less desirable.

If you're surprised that this dynamic is still playing out in the 21st century, read on to learn more about why so many heterosexual couples fall into this pattern, and what therapists say can help even the workload and improve your sex life.

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