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được nhờ cùng phụ bữa tối, gã đàn ông ở florida đánh vợ bằng cây thông noel...

Richard Atchison, 52, was arrested (bị bắt giữ) by police on multiple (nhiều) charges (buộc tội) including domestic battery (bạo hành gia đình).

Officers said the incident happened Monday evening at a home in Fruitland Park. the two had gotten into an argument (tranh cãi, cãi vã) after the woman asked for help with making dinner, and at some point, the woman reportedly put a spoon (thìa) in the sink (chậu rửa), accidentally (vô tình) splashing (bắn tóe) Atchison.

The report said Atchison "lost his temper," (mất bình tĩnh) began packing his things and went outside to his vehicle. He then returned home because "he had been drinking" and told his wife to leave instead.

When she tried to leave, deputies said Atchison shoved her, and then picked up a Christmas tree in in the corner of the room and threw it at her, striking her.

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