"Can't hack it" nghĩa là gì?

"Can't hack it" = không thâm nhập vào được -> nghĩa là không thể đối đầu, xử lý tình huống khó khăn nữa.

Ví dụ
Kids are messy, life is messy (bừa bộn) and being on public transport means you’ll mingle (trộn lẫn) with the public. If you can’t hack it, then get an Uber, babe.

The nice thing is, the team already knows what to expect from Rojas at short, so if Lux can’t hack it, Rojas will be ready to step in.

She explains that Harry’s experience of harsh environments makes him suited to the rainforest (rừng nhiệt đới); most researchers can’t hack it. The two of them soon become a romantic couple.

Grissom has only 156 plate appearances of good offensive (tấn công) production in the majors and played only 22 games above the high-A level in the minors. The Braves will slip at the plate if Grissom can’t hack it as a regular, especially if they don’t get another good outfield bat.

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