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đứng trước tối hậu thư của vợ tại tòa, người đàn ông Zambia tên là Allan Kawewa... chọn bia thay vì giữ hôn nhân :D

Allan Kawewa was taken to Livingstone Local Court by his wife over his drinking habits (thói quen nhậu nhẹt). According to the Zambia Daily Mail, Kawewa said in court that he still loves his wife and does not want her to leave him, but he is not ready to change how much he drinks.

The couple has two kids together, ages 22 and 29, and while Kaweka was quoted saying, “Please, forgive me let things go back to where they were when we met. I still love you,” the court and his wife were taken aback (ngạc nhiên) by the revelation that he would rather get a divorce than sober up.

Lots of people had something to say about Kaweka and his decision on Facebook, but our favorite has to be from commenter Christopher Chimfwembe Bwalya: “He is an inspiration (nguồn cảm hứng) and a role model (hình mẫu) to mankind (nhân loại), he is an honest man who doesn’t want to live a fake life by pleasing people.”

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